Road Safety – Behaviors to be Practiced On and Off the Road

Road Safety – Behaviors to be Practiced On and Off the Road

Road safety is a concern for all people.  At the start of every day people get into their cars and drive to work.  For those who don’t have cars, they either hitch rides with other drivers or hire vehicles in order to travel over roads to get to work.  No matter how they do it, people use roads and are therefore concerned about road safety.

Although the phrase itself indicates that this is for safety on the road, actions to achieve road safety should not be limited to the road alone.  To ensure that the road and passage over it is safe, each vehicle owner must check his or her own vehicle to make sure that both driver and passengers of the said vehicle will remain safe.  This is because not all road accidents are driver related.  Some of them are caused by poor maintenance of the vehicle.

Here are a few things that may be done off the road to make sure that travel on the road will be safe and uneventful:

  • Maintain your brakes – check your brakes every time you leave your house in the morning.  If you feel something wrong, take the bus.  At the first warning sign, bring your car to the mechanic and have the brakes checked.

Some automobile manufacturers recommend that you also have the brake fluid of the car changed every two to three years.  This is to make sure that the fluid does what it is supposed to do whenever you tap your brakes.

  • Check your tires – The tires keep the car on the ground, and help keep the whole machine responsive to the steering wheel.  If the tires are worn out, the car has poor traction on the road.  This could result in less maneuverability.  Automobile manufacturers would recommend that you rotate your tires to get optimum performance out of them.

Also check for the wobble on the tires.  This may mean that there’s damage to the steering mechanism, or that the tires are in bad shape.  These are signs that, if left unattended, could lead to fatal car accidents.

Be vigilant to check you car and keep it in shape.  The car takes care of you only if you do the same.

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