Defensive Driving – The Standard Way to Drive

Most people associate defensive driving with bodyguard duty and other actions that are related to the military.  Other people think that defensive driving is a way of life that is demeaning.  Strangely, the second guess is closer.  Defensive driving is a way of driving that is taught to be a habit, but it is in no way demeaning.

Defensive driving, or driving defensively if you use it in the context of practical application, is simply a way to drive that helps you avoid initiating or being part of a road accident.  There are a lot of dangers on the road, and if you get on the road unaware of these dangers, no matter how good your engine is and how fast your reflexes are, you can still be sucked into an accident.  Defensive driving will help you avoid being a part of these accidents.

The first thing taught in defensive driving is the care of the car.  Checking the brakes and the tires, making sure that the blades of the windshield wipers are in good condition, using the seatbelt.  All these things are habits of defensive drivers.  This is because defensive driving takes the adage “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” very seriously.  If you have a well kept car, you are doing your part in avoiding accidents by making sure you won’t cause one by a car breakdown.

On the road, defensive driving will teach you about blind spots.  You should not approach the blind spot of another car, and you should keep away from the blind spots of trucks and other huge vehicles.  Defensive driving will also promote “situational awareness”, making sure that you keep an eye on the rear view mirror as well as on what is happening further down the road.  This keeps you in tune with your surroundings, and helps you anticipate problems that may develop, as well as ways as to how to avoid them.  Part of this would be the way your car should be distanced from the one in front of you, so that you would have ample time to break should there be a need to do so.

There is nothing wrong with being smart on the road.  Road safety is the responsibility of the whole community, and driving defensively is one way to make sure that we minimize the dangers on the road.

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