Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance may not be complete, but it is has a lot of benefits and it is a very important asset, especially if the owner of the car has had no previous insurance attached to their name.

This type of insurance will cover a lot of unpredicted and unexpected unfortunate events. With this, the protection is guaranteed as long as the damage or event is covered by the policy. Usually, a comprehensive will cover damage to the car that was not the result of the fault of either of the drivers. This includes theft, vandalism, falling stuff on the car and damage caused by an animal.

This is especially good for those brand new cars or high end vehicles. The costs are small compared to the costs of replacement parts and labor involved. In fact, a lot (or most) of high end vehicles are required to have a comprehensive if it had been leased or bought via a loan. If it was bought cash, then the comprehensive is optional, but why not have it covered. Simply because you may have all the money in world does not mean that you would waste it. It would not be logical thinking on trying to save money by not getting a comprehensive; this would be like gambling with your finances as the collateral.

The benefits of the comprehensive only come out when you need to file a claim. The insurance company will assess the damage and then will deduct the deductable from you, and then they will pay off the rest of your claim up to the limit of your coverage. Considering the costs needed to replace parts or the whole car (if totalled), paying a small deductible is a great choice than having to pay off everything on your own.

Word of warning though, even if the comprehensive does provide you protection, the protection is limited. It will not cover damage if you were driving it that is covered by a collision policy. This also does not cover the damage that you may do on others like medical bills, lawsuits. Those are covered by liability insurance. However, some insurance companies also make the suggestion that for a slight increase in the cost, the liability and the collision policies can be included in the comprehensive.

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