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It Pays to be Careful on the Road – Be A Responsible Driver

Of all the people who die each year, forty thousand are related to road and vehicular accidents.  This number does not include the injuries that resulted from vehicular accidents.  It does, however, include the number of innocent bystanders who were, without their permission, involved in the accident with fatal consequences. Vehicle related injuries have always [...]

Time to Check the Brakes – Signs for Brake Care

It is arguable that the most important system in your car is the braking system.  This is the system that you depend on most to get yourself out of trouble.  Although a lot of other drivers will say that one should also use the steering wheel in order to avoid a collision, the regular driver [...]

Things to Do to Ensure Road Safety

Automobile manufacturers have done their best to make sure that the cars they sell are safe enough to use by the general public.  They install air bags, seat belts, warning systems, improved breaking systems, all innovations that they can think of in order to make sure that the driver and passengers of the vehicle will [...]

Road Safety – Behaviors to be Practiced On and Off the Road

Road safety is a concern for all people.  At the start of every day people get into their cars and drive to work.  For those who don’t have cars, they either hitch rides with other drivers or hire vehicles in order to travel over roads to get to work.  No matter how they do it, [...]

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