Car Insurance Hidden Benefits

If you have just bought a new car and you worry that it has been a week before you remembered to get a policy to cover your vehicle, don’t worry. Your new car bought from the dealer should have a 30 day car insurance policy. This is just one of the hidden benefits that you will learn. There are more, so read on.

There are insurances which you can benefit from with their limited reimbursements for transportation. This usually happens when you can’t travel because you had damaged the windshield of the car or because you need to use the money for car repairs. Ask your insurance company about this small detail.

Another benefit that is not really discussed is the coverage of a driver using the car, like a relative whom you lent your car to for use. If they cause damage to the car, the policy should cover them. Note: even if the relative or friend did not ask permission to use the car, they are still covered.

The deductibles are waived in cases if the car collision that the vehicle is involved in involved another car insured by the same company and if the chipped windshield is repaired rather than replaced.

An unspecified amount is covered if the stereo equipment gets damaged in the crash which can be covered to if the primary control unit is installed in the places that are specified by the insurance company, and if the clothes or personal effects like clothing and luggage that get damaged.

If the vehicle insured is damaged or stolen, there is payment for the travel expenses that you incur.

Car insurances also should cover bail bond premiums for traffic related violations.

Now not all of these benefits may be covered in one insurance policy, it really all depends on the insurance company that issued it. However, as a policy holder, you should try to take time out reading the insurance policy or ask information from a company representative about specific amounts or terms of the coverage. Note: make it a point to read the fine print, it is best that you familiarize yourself with the details, even if it means getting the magnifying glass or in some cases the microscope to read it.

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